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National Squad League Rules & Regulations

{WC} Squad Ladder Announcement
(National Squad League Matches)

Current NSL Match Standard:

Map: Strike At Karkand (BF2)
Ticket Count: 100%
Map: Dragon Valley (BF2)
Ticket Count: 100%

Time Limit: 45 min/turn
One Turn As Each Army Per Squad

Server MUST Be Password Protected

Season Length: Ends on 3/15/2006

Match Timetable: OPEN

Each squad must compete against each other squad in both of the NSL maps before the completion of the season. (Both maps do not need to be played on the same date.) The squad leaders must challenge another squad leader to a match on a stated map. The challenging squad leader must PM the Squads Commander with the date, time, squad names, & map chosen. Half of a squads matches will need to be completed before 2/01/2006  or else that squad may be forced to forfeit the season.

Finals: TBA

Match Rules:


1. The substitution must be completely necessary and not made to
enhance the skill of the squad for that match.
2. Substitutions must be announced by the squad leader no less than 30 minutes prior to the match.
3. All substitutions are subject to command approval.
4. The opposite squad leader for that match will be made aware of any substitutions prior to approval so as to allow for him to voice their
5. At least four original squad members must be present for the match.
6. Recruits without full member status can not be used as substitutions.
7. Substitutions can not be a member of an active {WC} squad. All listed in the "Unaffiliated Pool" are pre-approved substitutes.


1. The BF2 NSL is an open timetable season. Only the NSL Finals will be held to a schedule.
2. Matches are allowed to take place at "the spur of the moment", as long as the minimum number (4) of squad members are present.


1. Screenshots must be captured for all squad matches including any sudden death matches. (This will be the responsibility of each squad member to over ensure that the match is counted correctly.)
2. The following criteria is required for screenshots (this applies to both turns of the match):
a. Ideal: 1 screenshot at end of game showing all players
with final ticket count & 1 screenshot of the top three listing.
b. Minimum: 1 screenshot at end of game showing all
players with final ticket count.
3. All screenshots must be e-mailed to the Squad Commander by one
player within 2 days of the match. (In ZIP format please!)

Tie Game:

1. A sudden death match will commence in the event of a tie game.
2. In the event of a sudden death, the match must take place immediately following the initial match and the time limit will be
lowered to 15 min/turn. (Each squad will play one turn as each army.) To determine the winner, the ticket totals of
the sudden death will be added to the initial match totals.
3. All match standards (except time limit) & members must be
the same as the initial match. (Includes any substitutions)
4. Screenshots from the initial match & the sudden death match will be needed to make either match count.

Four Member Match:

This is the minimum number of squad members required to compete in a match. Substitutes do not count in this total. All vehicles are acceptable for use.

Failure to Appear:

For each squad there is a minimum of four players needed to proceed with a match. Teams should have the minimum number of players on the server no later than 30 minutes after the agreed upon match time. Failure to meet this requirement will result in an immediate forfeit against the non-compliant party unless an agreement to re-schedule is made by both squad leaders. (If squad leader is unavailable, then by XO or by majority member vote. Substitutes do not count for voting.) Notify the Squads Commander via forum PM if the decision is made to forfeit. Include  the names of players & substitutes that DID show up from each squad. 

Substituted Players/Rejoining:

Due to the nature of the internet it is possible for players to be
disconnected from the internet or dropped from a server. Should this
happen you may substitute an eligible player to fill the spot or the
dropped player may rejoin. However, upon joining the server the player must rejoin their respective team immediately. Anyone joining the opposing teams side for over 30 seconds will be considered observing and will subject their team to forfeiture of the match or replaying the map. (This includes in game team switching without a connection drop.) Due to the sizes of some teams, it is acceptable to rotate players at the beginning of new maps. However, this should be done in a timely manner that does not hinder the progress of the game. In other words, please have your teammates "waiting in the wings."

All squad leaders & members:
Expect addendums to this announcement in the very near future. Check back often.


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