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{WC} Squads Creation Statement

Welcome to the Wildcards Empire Battlefield Branch Squads. The soldiers found within these pages are of the most dedicated, enthusiastic, and honorable in the league. Promoting teamwork and honor, the Squads engage in a variety of training, missions, assignments, and other activities inside and outside of the Wildcards Empire. To the rest of the Battlefield community, the Squads promote and protect their fellow Wildcards while demonstrating their skills and their honor. Inside the Empire, the Squads show us teamwork and friendship, and are constantly active, participating in many of the League's events and assisting in the training of the recruits. Our Squads are honorable, respected, brave, dedicated, and committed, displaying their skills, striking fear into their opponents, and spreading the glory of the Wildcards Empire.

To become a squad member, there is a consideration to make. Squad members MUST be active in their squad. This may seem simple, but joining a squad just to be in a squad is not acceptable. The Squads are made of dedicated soldiers who don't serve their squad leaders and their Empire by being in a list. Squad members must have the discipline and the commitment to work with their squad leaders to serve the Empire in the best way possible. If you are up to the challenge, you can apply for a position within a squad.

And being a squad leader is an even greater responsibility. Squad leaders help organize their squad, as well as shape the future of the Squads by participating in discussions that result in rule changes, Squads events, and other activities. Squad leaders must be available to their squad members to listen to their concerns, and squad leaders are to get all of their members involved in sharing the honor of being in their squad. To create a squad, you must first get the approval of Commander RIP.
Commander RIP is dedicated to make certain that the Wildcard Squads reach their full potential, not just within the Empire, but within the entire Battlefield community. If you have any ideas or concerns, feel free to ask any questions of him.

Squads carry out their missions and assignments with honor, respect, and enthusiasm, continuing the Wildcard's tradition of being the best league on the planet.

Listed below are the rules and requirements of the Squads. If you plan on being either a Squad Member or a Squad Leader, you will be expected to know these rules.

Rules & Regulations

First and foremost, squad members are to treat everyone with RESPECT. While competitive attitude is acceptable, please keep in mind that your fellow Wildcards and recruits are looking up to you. The respect that you show others is what they will notice. Set the example!

If it appears that one squad is out of balance in both skill and participation, a squad balance vote will occur. With the exception of the squad leader whose squad is involved, the other squad leaders will vote as to whether they think the squad in question is too powerful, or appears to be rapidly completing assignments to increase their score. The vote is entirely objective, and a decision as to what to do will be made by Commander RIP. If it is felt that the squad is out of balance, then one or more members may be assigned to another squad or asked to create a squad of their own. The squad leader of the affected squad is allowed to write their thoughts in defense.

At this time, recruits are not allowed to be in a squad. However, they can participate in various training assignments.

There will be no less than 2 soldiers in a squad within 30 days of creation, and no less than 3 soldiers in a squad after 30 days of creation.

In order for a squad to remain active, they must perform at least one mission during a 2 month period. This can include a mission assigned to them by Emperor ZappaFan, Commander RIP, their squad leader, or any Wildcard Squad event. Remember, unless otherwise specified, at least TWO members of a squad must be present to engage in a mission, and the mission MUST have the approval of your squad leader, unless it is a Wildcard Squads event.

When engaging in missions, squad members are required to wear their {WC} tag at all times in chat and in all Battlefield games.

Upon completion of the mission, the squad leader is required to send screenshots of the appropriate stats.

Squad members from multiple squads may band together to complete certain missions, as long as there are at least TWO members from one of the squads involved in the mission. Points will be distributed on a percentage basis. In addition, if the mission is successful, each squad involved will receive a 5 point teamwork bonus.

Any WC may request to create a squad and be the leader for that squad. To create a new squad, you must have at least one other soldier interested in joining your squad, but the more, the better. Write the Squad Commander, with the name of everyone that you wish to have in your squad. The Squad Command Team will either accept or reject the request. If accepted, you must send Commander RIP the name of your squad, a motto for your squad, and a 200 x 200 graphic logo for your squad. Once accepted, if any other soldiers are to join your squad, you must notify Commander RIP first. Please keep in mind that squad leader opportunities are based on the number of soldiers currently involved or interested in being involved with the Squads.

Inactive Squad Rules

A squad must meet at least one of the following criteria to be named inactive:

1) Two members or less 30 days from activation.
2) Two members or less for over 45 days (post activation).
3) Inability to participate in two consecutive matches/missions based on lack of membership turnout. (Squad Commander decision based on variables)

What happens to the squad?

The Squad Commander will notify the squad of the possibility of becoming inactive. Seven days will be given to the squad to bring forth any comments/appeals to the Squad Commander.

Squad Status:
The squad is not removed from the roster, only from the active list. The squad will be removed from all NSL match timetables. All squad members with exception to the squad leader are free to re-enter the "Unaffiliated Pool". (Squad leader must apply to the Squad Commander to re-enter the pool.)

For the squad to be re-activated, the previous squad leader must re-activate the squad with at least one other member. (The previous squad leader does not have to re-enter the squad as the leader, but that position must be held by someone.) If the squad leader has already been approved to re-enter the unaffiliated pool, the squad will stay inactive until an interest in re-activation is brought forth by any Wildcard full member wishing to take on the squad leader roll.

In addition:

Inactive Squad Leaders:
If the squad leader is marked inactive from the squads, the second in command will take the leader position. When the previous leader becomes active in the squad again, they will take the position of second in command.

Eligibility for Squad Leader Inactivity:
Missing two consecutive matches without notice or attempting to provide a substitution. Any failure to conduct their position to the best of the ability or failure to look out for the best interest of their squad. Squad Commander will site specific examples and will allow 7 days for an appeal.

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