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Wildcards News

11-22-05 BF2: Special Forces Expansion Pack & Patch 1.12 Released.
11-20-05 The Wildcards Empire joins the TWL for BF2 5v5 Infantry.
10-21-05 New Recruit: ApostleSimon
10-19-05 Bohica & Longshot308 promoted to full members!
10-04-05 BF2 1.03 Patch Has Been Released.
09-19-05 New Recruits: LiquidAir & dR-etaN
09-08-05 New Recruits: safi, diggler-au, Longshot308, Bohica, & Kryptik
08-20-05 MrS4NDM4N, Rogue Mafia, Kiloco32, & Thickmudd promoted to full members!
08-07-05 AtLarge and Havoc promoted to FULL MEMBERS! WOOHOO!
07-08-05 New BF2 Rankings Page!
07-07-05 New Recruit: sgtlane
06-29-05 2 New Recruits: Havoc & atlarge
06-27-05 BF1942 server converted over to BF2. / New Recruit: AdamBomb669
06-22-05 New Recruit: MrDub1173
06-10-05 BF2 Demo released-WC practice server operational! screenshot
05-30-05 New Recruit: O-MU
05-23-05 New Recruit: KickButts
05-22-05 Squad Match results: The Rattlin' Ratpack are victorious over the Loose Cannons.
05-18-05 New Recruit: Krusty
05-11-05 New Recruit: BoogieKnight
05-08-05 MrMagoo promoted to full member!
04-28-05 The Remote Managers HAVE NOT been updated. Someone hacked the BlackBagOps forum and sent a link to a virus. Kevin is hot on the trail of the criminal.
04-25-05 Master Ban List update: The new totals are 502 banned from BF1942 and 246 from BFV!
04-17-05 Squad Match results: The Fighting Cocks are victorious over the Loose Cannons. Comcast once again causes more casualties than BFV.
04-13-05 Master Ban List update: 21 new bans added to the BF1942 server, 1 new ban for the BFV server. The new totals are 447 banned from BF1942 and 296 from BFV!
04-11-05 Please welcome two new recruits! Nuttball and DeAThSniPer
04-10-05 Squad Match results: The Screaming Monkeys shut out the Loose Cannons. Comcast causes more casualties than BFV.
04-10-05 The forums are back in service!
04-06-05 New Recruit: MrMagoo
04-03-05 The forums are down pending a server upgrade. Please check back often for updates.
03-31-05 New web design goes online!
02-26-05 Welcome back Dawg!
02-26-05 RIP promoted to Command


New Recruit: Transporter


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     Port: 16567

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BF2142 RANKED: Port:17567 

BF1942 Port:14567

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Port: 5525
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