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Wildcards Empire Command Structure

General Command Staff duties include but are not limited to:  Setting Wildcard policies on recruitment, conduct, servers, supported game approval or denial. (Rules are set by the command team as a group in command meetings.) Command positions finance the expense of voice and game servers.

Rank Description
Emperor The wise and vigilant overseer of his domain.  Holds ultimate veto power, hires and fires the League Master.
League Master Overseer of the command staff. Overseer of all day to day operations of the League.  Hires and fires command staff positions and game command positions, approves Game commanderís recommendations for Game Executive Officer & approves full member status of all new recruits from any game. Holds veto power over command staff.
Administration Maintains League database. Sends out league announcements regarding general news, new recruit welcomes, member promotions & notices on awards. Provides administrative support for game commanders and their staffs. Audits game commanders for their game members compliance to league rules. (e.g. recruit forum/website registration, wearing of tags, general rule compliance) Monitors server fund & payment of dues by command members. Reports to the League Master.
Skunk Works / Anti-Cheat Commander Supports game and voice servers.  Maintains web site and forums. Provides download means for members for game patches, etc. Works with game commanders to ensure server needs are met. Researches reports of cheating on said servers. Reports to the League Master.
Game Czar Researches team based games to find potential supported games for command staff and the membership. Creates Ventrilo channels and disseminates game information when one is deemed worthy.
Game Commander (CO) Hires Executive Officer (XO) with League Master approval. Organizes and staffs positions to allow for members to play a game to it fullest. Responsible that all game players follow {WC} League rules. Actively recruits new members (can have recruitment officer).  Ensures new recruits register as required and comply with all Wildcards regulations. Recommend to the League Master when a recruit is ready to be elevated to full member status. Reports to the League Master.
Game Executive Officer (XO) Aides the Game Commander as required. Reports to the Game Commander. Reports to the League Master in the Game Commander's absence.


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Game Severs (Note: On 12 January 2009 our servers will be taken offline for an indefinite period of time. We apologize for any inconvenience.  The Ventrilo server will remain in operation.)

Call of Duty 4:
     Port: 28960

     Port: 16567

BF2 UNRANKED: Port:16567 

BF2142 RANKED: Port:17567 

BF1942 Port:14567

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Port: 5525
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