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Welcome To The Wildcards Empire Gaming League
Established 1996

Mission Statement 

The Wildcards Empire is a gaming league deeply rooted in tradition and history.  Starting as the Wildcards Empire Descent League in the mines of Descent 2, the ranks have spread to encompass a plethora of other games.  We are proud to be comprised of cyber-athletes from a wide range of age groups & origins.  The Wildcards come together to compete, improve their skills, have a good time, and make new friends.  Honor, friendship and the fun are of the utmost importance in us.  Yes, we all come here to prove our mettle in the field of competition, but first and foremost we are here for the simple enjoyment of the game.  At all times honor and respect shall be shown to each other and to all visitors.  We welcome all visitors with the same respect we expect ourselves.



Open Scrimmage: TBD


Wildcards News

1-2-09 Game servers going offline indefinitely starting January 12th.  The Ventrilo server will stay online.
4-10-08 Govnuh has donated to the server fund!
4-30-08 To provide better service the Ventrilo server has moved to, port #5525. Please make a note of it.
3-30-08 Urcrazydude, bakeratc, Fiva2, kevlarorc & walkncarpet are the newest recipients of the Longevity Award!
1-04-08 Mission Statement updated!


The Wildcards Empire Gaming League  is not affiliated with any other leagues, clans, guilds, groups, organizations, etc. All rights are reserved.

Wildcards Empire Gaming League 1996  -  2009 {WC}

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No part of this website, it's content or images may be used without the express unanimous written consent of the Wildcards Command.

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Game Severs (Note: On 12 January 2009 our servers will be taken offline for an indefinite period of time. We apologize for any inconvenience.  The Ventrilo server will remain in operation.)

Call of Duty 4:
     Port: 28960

     Port: 16567

BF2 UNRANKED: Port:16567 

BF2142 RANKED: Port:17567 

BF1942 Port:14567

Port 15567

Port: 5525
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